Home-made bread 400 Ft

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast 2.500 Ft

Grilled  chicken cubes with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Caesar salad with grilled prawns 3.600 Ft

Grilled prawns with with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Garlic scented prawns in tomato olive oil with homemade bread 3.600 Ft

Chicken filled strudel and sauce á la Hortobágy style 1.900 Ft

Warm cheese variation with vegetable bulgur salad 3.000 Ft

Bulgur salad with vegetables and three kinds of cheese

Beef tartare with pickled onion 3.900 Ft


Hungarian Goulash soup 2.100 Ft

in a pot

Small meat pot 1.500 Ft

Hen broth with quail egg and fine-cut noodles

Hungarian Goulash soup 1.500 Ft

in a cup

Celery potato creamy soup with herb croutons 1.200 Ft


Crispy-crusted chicken breast with Jalapeno cheese sauce 2.500 Ft

Stuffed breaded chicken breast with goose liver and mushroom 3.600 Ft

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with goose liver and mushroom

Chicken Paprikash 3.200 Ft

with ’Nokedli’ Hungarian dumplings with eggs

Confit duck leg with apple braised cabbage 3.900 Ft



Breaded pork chop 2.500 Ft

Pork medallions Brassó style 3.600 Ft

Pork tenderloin strips with baked potatoes

Grilled pork tenderloin served with fresh letcho 3.900 Ft

with goose liver and potato fritters

Beef / Veal

Beef hamburger with potato wedges and coleslaw salad 3.600 Ft

Home made beef patty, bun, mayonnaise, lettuce with potato wedges, coleslaw salad

Beef tenderloin with sauce as you prefer 4.500 Ft

Sauce: letcho, green pepper, cheddar or forest mushroom

Beef cheek stew 3.300 Ft


Fish & Chips 3.900 Ft

Roasted pike pearch fillet with herbs 3.300 Ft

Catfish paprikash with cottage cheese noodles 4.500 Ft

Vegetarian dishes

Grilled vegetables with sesame seeds and cheddar sauce 2.700 Ft

Curd cheese noodle 2.500 Ft

with sautéed bacon

’Nokedli’ Hungarian noodles in scrambled eggs 2.500 Ft

 with leaf lettuce


Sponge cake Somló style 1.500 Ft

Kaiserschmarrn 1.500 Ft

 with apple purée

Chocolate bomb with mint-honey mango chutney 1.900 Ft

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Side dishes

French fries 800 Ft

Jasmine rice 800 Ft

Ticolor vegetable purée 1.200 Ft

Baked potato 800 Ft

Grilled vegetables 900 Ft

Crispy fried sweet potato fries 1.200 Ft

Egg noodle dumlings 800 Ft

Wide rice pilaf 800 Ft

Fried potato dumplings with tonka bean 1.200 Ft

Potato fritters 800 Ft


Gherkin 800 Ft

Coleslaw salad 800 Ft

Mixed pickles 800 Ft

Cucumber salad 800 Ft

Pickled cucumber 800 Ft

Fresh green salad with balsamic cream 1.300 Ft

Tomato salad 800 Ft

Greek salad 1.300 Ft

Sauce, other

Ketchup 150 Ft

Mustard 150 Ft

Mayonnaise 150 Ft

Minced hot pepper 'Erős Pista' 150 Ft

Slice of bread 50 Ft

Cutlery - spoon 150 Ft

Cutlery - fork, knife 150 Ft